Special Handling

Hazardous Cargo

Hazardous Cargo

Shipping hazardous materials requires more attention to detail than transporting regular goods, as its
nature requires a different paperwork and a particular handling on the roads, ports, and vessels.
Global Cargo Line can offer the best service in this field based on our experience and history.
We have shipped very big volume and for long period of time all kind of Hazardous cargo from Chemicals to Live Explosives
passing by Dangerous Gas, while taking all the needed measurements depending on the nature of the cargo from, close supervision
to military escorts and direct loading on vessels. You can be sure that we are your best Logistics partner for this type of consignments.

Vehicles Transport


Global Cargo Line is specialized in handling Vehicles transport, as well heavy industrial and agricultural machineries. Our role takes place to simplify the transportation of your vehicles to meet and exceed your expectations.

Heavy Cargo


Global Cargo Line with specialized agents awarness in detailed and most advanced security technics, is ready to arrange your boats or any oversized transport of all sizes, Out Of Gauge or in Gauge from any port in the world. You will be impressed and eager to know how we precisely handle your heavy machinery cargo. 

Moving Services


Moving your offices, home furniture, exhibition stands or cargo samples, is one of the most active sector in our company.  Adding the professional packaging and handling transportation from high level floors by using specialized cranes and extended hydraulic baskets, to facilitate the transportation with highest safety and quality levels from your premises to our warehouse or directly to the containers.