Warehousing & Cold Storage

GCLine is able to offer you A to Z solutions for your refrigerated or dry cargo warehousing. The locations are available in Lebanon main cities (Beirut, Tripoli, Bekaa, Sidon & Tyre). Your Cargo will be monitored and stored under the supervision of a professional team who will take care of your cargo's condition from the moment of unstuffing till it is being reloaded for distribution upon your request.

Perishable cargo must be stored in accordance with strict specifications and GLOBAL CARGO LINE ensures that delicate cargo gets the best possible care.
We achieve this by using state-of-the-art equipment and monitoring systems, and by employing our 30 years of experience in all perishable products.

Global Cargo line Cold store is equipped with Cameras and Sensors online which permits our clients to monitor and oversee their cargo 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Our strategically located warehouse in the center of Beirut, provides easy access to our customers from the port within 6 minutes drive.

It is good to mention that we offer freezer, cooler, and dry storage with adaptable rooms, which can be adjusted to give a customized temperature for each room independently, same allow us to tailor the storage climate, based on the temperature and humidity specifications of our client’s products.